Friday, February 20, 2004

Zell Miller

Dr John J. Ray, my polymathic friend Down Under, has a link to this essay by Georgia Senator Zell Miller on his site. It's worth your time. It's refreshing to see that not every Democrat is driven by hatred, envy, or rabid partisanship. By the way, Miller is a Marine. The following is taken from his Senate website:

Zell Miller credits the Marine Corps for turning his life around as a young man. He had dropped out of Emory University and landed in the drunk tank for a night in 1953 when he decided to sign up for a three-year enlistment in the Marines. Miller did his 12-week boot camp at Parris Island, SC, followed by time at Naval Training Station in Great Lakes, IL and the 2nd Marine Division at Camp Lejeune, NC. By the end of the three years, he had earned the rank of sergeant and was an Expert Rifleman. Miller went on to become a history professor, mayor of his hometown of Young Harris, Georgia, a state senator, lieutenant governor for 16 years, governor for eight years and now, a U.S. senator.

"My experience in the United States Marine Corps steered me onto the path of success. The Marine Corps instilled in me honor, courage and commitment--core values that have sustained me through thick and thin,'' Miller said in a public service announcement he taped for the Marine Corps in 2001.

Semper fi!

From the Mailbag

I'm a born & raised Okie who's currently transplanted to Washington DC. I first read your articles on Tech Central Station, whither I'd followed a link from

Thank you, Dr. Burgess-Jackson, for sharing your mind with all of us. I really feel, in becoming a regular reader of AnalPhilosopher, that I'm getting a vigorous university humanities course FOR FREE. I've never taken a philosophy course, but appreciate the way you make the art of thinking, arguing, and critically reading accessible, inviting, and honest. Verily, this must be what it was like to sit with the great Athenian thinkers--only 'ya had to be there'.

May traffic to your site(s) burgeon. Please continue to educate, illuminate and entertain!

John Parker

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