Wednesday, February 18, 2004


This blog had 2,110 site visits in the past week (Wednesday morning to Wednesday morning). That's an average of 301.4 visits per day (none of them me). I finally broke the 300 barrier--and I did it without a Tech Central Station column, which usually boosts my readership significantly. My most recent column appeared on 29 January, nearly three weeks ago. Thank you for reading my blog. I get nothing out of it except satisfaction. I enjoy writing, whether it's about philosophy, politics, music, or baseball. As I'm fond of saying, if it's worth doing or thinking about, it's worth writing about. Even writing is worth writing about. I suppose even writing about writing is worth writing about. Please excuse my rants. Ranting is cathartic. I'll try to keep the rant-to-analysis ratio low, but it'll never be zero.

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