Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Luskin v. Krugman

Watching Donald Luskin dismantle Paul Krugman is great fun. Twice a week. Check out today's humiliation, based on this Krugman column. That Krugman, a smart man (by all accounts), would make such absurd claims in a public forum makes you wonder about his mental stability. I honestly think he hates President Bush so much (see here) that he can't see or think straight. Watching Krugman disintegrate is like watching the great Nietzsche go insane. Sad.

Addendum: If you're interested in how partisan various columnists are, see here. Look for Paul Krugman's name. Interesting, eh? All 388 of his columns for The New York Times were partisan. (Thanks to Peg Kaplan for the link.) By the way, many conservatives (including me) have distanced themselves from Ann Coulter, a smart woman (a University of Michigan Law School graduate) who has no sense of balance or fairness. I have yet to hear a liberal distance him- or herself from Paul Krugman, who is every bit as shrill, partisan, imbalanced, and unfair. When liberals start condemning Krugman's manipulative rhetoric, I will begin respecting them.

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